The island

The house stands on an island in the Mincio river in Goito. In the stretch of the Medio Mincio that crosses the countryside is the only inhabited island of the river.
Reachable by crossing a wooden bridge; the house is among the trees, a grove of hazelnuts and a large lawn. 
It has been used as an agricultural settlement since the Benedictine fathers reclaimed the surrounding area, which later became the property of the Cavriani and Moschini marquises. On the island there is a recently renovated villa that offers large spaces in a context of true contact with nature. 

The natural environment of the territory is safeguarded and enhanced in a protected area that embraces the Mincio River; emissary of Lake Garda which from Peschiera winds up to the River Po in Sustinente.
The Mincio originates from Lake Garda and flows into the Po after crossing about 70 km of an area shaped first by ice, then by water and finally by man. It crosses hilly and flat landscapes, wetlands and lakes. The incredible variety of plant and animal species found here give an idea of ​​the complex ecosystem in which we find ourselves.


We offer large and bright rooms with bathroom, air conditioning and wifi.
A large hall with Italian billiards dedicated to breakfasts, prepared by us with natural ingredients and local products.
Around the house there are several green spaces where you can relax.
The island offers several natural areas to walk or fish. 


river navigation and bike tours! 


To fully grasp the atmosphere of the Mincio Natural Park we organize canoe descents in the stretch of river that crosses us with the possibility of docking directly on the farm! The journey is about 10km that can be covered in 3 hours of navigation. The experience in complete safety is suitable for the whole family.
We also organize bike tours in the area, accompanied by an expert guide! 


cel: 348-8561952
e-mail: [email protected]

Agriturismo Corte Isolo


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